Kullu / Manikaran

According to
legend, Manikaran is also associated with Lord Shiva and his divine consort,
Parbati, who lost and recovered her ear rings here. Legend has it that once
when Shiva and Parbati were relaxing by the river. Parbati’s ear rings fell nto
the water. The lord of another world ( Patal Nagari ) named Shesh Nag took
possession of them and despite Parvati’s pleas, he refused to hand them back. 

However when all the gods prevailed upon him, he snorted them out of his
nostrils, causing a boiling fountain of water to erupt. the jewels thus
returned. There are temples of Ramchandra and Shiva besides the Gurudwara. This
place is famous for hot water springs. Thousands of people take a dip in its
hot water. The main water is so hot that Dal ( pulses ), Rice, Vegetables etc.
can be boiled in it.

Around Manikaran

Bajeshwar Mahadev Temple : ( bajaura ) 15 km.This pyramidical temple
belonging to the 8th century A.D. is embellished with wonderful carvings in
stone and sculpture in the Shikhara style. This temple is situated about 200
metres from the village in a plain between the main road and the Beas river

Largi : ( 957 metres ) 34 km. This is a small hamlet providing excellent
trout fishing. The famous rivers Sainj and Tirthan join the Beas a few hundred
metres below. Larji is patronised mostly by anglers.

Bijli Mahadev Temple : ( 2,460 metres ) 11 km. This is one of the most
striking temple in Kullu, where 20 metre tall image is supposed to attract
special blessings from the skies in the shape of lightning. From the temple a
panoramic view of Kulu and Paravati valleys can be seen. A 60 feet high staff
of Bijli Mahadev temple glistens like a silver needle in the sun. in this
temple of lightening it is said, the tall staff attracts the divine blessings
in the form of lightening. The rest of the story can be heard from the priest,
which is un-believable but true.

Quick Facts

Himachal Pradesh
Distt: Kullu
Destination: Manikaran
Climate: In winter, the temperature can drop to below freezing point
when heavy woollens are required. Summer temperature are mild and light
woollens/cottons are recommended.
Altitude: is situated at an altitude of about 1700mtrs.
Best time to visit: All the year round. 
How to get there

By Train: The nearest rail head is Chandigarh which is 320 km away.

By Air: The nearest airport is Bhunter which is about 50 km and 10 Km
beyond Kullu. Archana Airways and Jagson Airways operate daily flights from
Delhi to Kullu & Shimla to Kullu.

By Road: It is well connected by road from Chandigarh and Delhi and
situated on National Highway No 21. Regular buses, coaches and taxies play from
Delhi and Chandigarh.

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