A tiny scene, situated on the banks of the majestic water course Beas, Vashisht is bestowed with natural springs and fabulous sand stone temples. Just concerning thirty minutes leisurely walk fetch oneself to the currentsleepyheaded hamlet. Situated at the suburbs of the city, Springs of Vashisht are terribly important for their medicative price. The gushing waters of the hot brooks are glorious ailments for skin diseases. Large range of individualsfolks here to possess a dip in these hot streams. The authorities have arranged separate bathing provisions for men and girls.

Besides these gurgling streams, Vashisht also homes pretty previous shrines dedicated to lord Ram and his kula guru, sage Vashisht. These stone temples show excellent and exquisite carvings on woods. The interior of the temple is getting blackened by the continual use of oil lamps and different incenses. Placed on the banks of the majestic river, these temples present a serene and tranquil atmosphere to the visitant.

Across the Beas river regarding 3.2 kilometre away from the Manali bus stand at associate degree altitude of  1982 meters (6,200 ft.), above the Manali-Kelyong road and down below the temple square measure the hot sulphur spring, named as Vashisth, endowed with nice healing powers. Nearby is a pointed stone temple dedicated to Vashisth Muni.

Nearby temple there is provision sulphur water bathrooms for ladies and gents have been built  close.

Temple is situated at the suburbs of Manali that have Hot-Water Springs having special significance for their healthful worth…The gushing waters of the hot brooks are wonderful ailments for skin diseases…. Large range of individuals return here to possess a dip in these hot streams…. The authorities have arranged separate bathing provisions for men and ladies.

Wooden Entry Gate for Vashishth Temple with amazing carving. These stone temples show excellent and exquisite carvings on woods.

There are some very good eating outs around this temple. We spent some time at a restaurant on first floor having complete view to the market and streets there. During this, we observed that many foreigners come there for many months to learn Yoga, Meditation etc. There are lot many Yoga and Mediation centers around the Temple.

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