Manu Temple

Manu Temple is
dedicated to Manu Rishi, a sage who not only meditated here but is also
believed to be the creator of human race on earth. The temple is situated in
the old Manali and is reached by crossing slippery stone paths.
Very Old Manu Temple in Manali Town of Dev-Bhoomi (Himachal Pradesh) 

Manu Temple in Manali Town.

Very Old Manu Temple in Manali Town of Dev-Bhoomi (Himachal Pradesh) 

Hadimba Devi Temple

The Hadimba Devi Temple is dedicated to the wife of Bhim, one of the Pandava brothers. It is believed that Bhim had to kill the demon brother of Hadimba in order to marry her. Thereafter the two stayed together for a year before Bhim left her to join his brothers. Hadimba gave birth to his son and took care of him till he was old enough to look after the kingdom. After this, she went into isolation and meditated. The place chosen by Hadimba for her meditation was Dhungri. Later, in 1553, a four storeyed wooden temple was erected in her respect.
The temple is constructed in pagoda style and has no idol within. A footprint on stone is at the centre of worship. A fair remembering Raja Bahadur Singh (who constructed the temple) is also held on the first of Savan every year. This fair is known as the Bahadur Singh Re Jatar.
Hadimba goddess has been humanized by the people and made their own. On
the first of ‘Jaith’, or 14th of May, another Mela is held to celebrate
birthday of the goddess Hadimba. This Mela is held in the Dhungri
forest. It lasts for three days. Thousands of men, women and children
participate in the Mela. Rice-bear (Lungri) flows among both men and
women who make themselves merry in music and dance.

Kullu Manali Tourist Information


Kullu Manali the most beautiful destination in Himachal Pradesh (Himalayas) and also known as Queen of hill stations. Manali is specially known for its world famous tourist place called Rohtang pass (Also known as Honeymooners place). Manali is the ultimate tourist destination for the trekking, mountaineering, 
rafting, skiing, helicopter skiing etc.

Kullu Manali Tourist Information

Manali is perhaps the most important town of the Kullu valley. It is located at the confluence of the river Beas and Manalsu at a distance of around 274 km from Shimla. The name Manali derives from that of Manu, the sage who is believed to have recreated human race on the earth after a massive flood destroyed it.

Manali instantly comes to the mind of all those people who are planning for the very first time, a vacation on the hills. Such is the beauty of Manali. The imposing Pir Panjal and Bara Banghal ranges give the town an awesome look. Adding more charm to it is the Beas river. You can come here and expect to spend some really beautiful moments in the lap of nature.

For those of you who wish to spend a funfilled or rather adventurous vacation, Manali, yet again, is the perfect choice. The Beas river allows you to enjoy rafting, canoeing and kayaking on its water. The ski slopes of Solang Nullah, Patalsu, Kothi, Marhi and the Rohtang Pass are amongst the best ones in the world. Solang Nullah also allows you to enjoy a bit of paragliding while the Rohtang Pass is ideal for trekking.