Solang Valley

13 km northwest of
Manali is the Solang valley which is also called the Snow Point. The valley is
perfect for enjoying some adventure activities. There are good skiing slopes
here. Trainings is given to help new skiiers. The Mountaineering Institute has
installed a 300 m ski lift to enhance the ski training activities. This valley
also becomes a venue for the annual winter skiing festival.

 Solang Valley Manali kullu H.P. after snow.

Tourists in Solang Valley.

Solange Nullah is
in a side valley above the valley of Kullu. It is the site of Manali’s ski
school, and when the snow disappeared, all the local paragliding ‘schools’.
Phatru is steep, rocky face above to Solange Nullah near East.
Solang Valley , Ice view of Kullu Manali.

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