Hadimba Devi Temple

The Hadimba Devi Temple is dedicated to the wife of Bhim, one of the Pandava brothers. It is believed that Bhim had to kill the demon brother of Hadimba in order to marry her. Thereafter the two stayed together for a year before Bhim left her to join his brothers. Hadimba gave birth to his son and took care of him till he was old enough to look after the kingdom. After this, she went into isolation and meditated. The place chosen by Hadimba for her meditation was Dhungri. Later, in 1553, a four storeyed wooden temple was erected in her respect.
The temple is constructed in pagoda style and has no idol within. A footprint on stone is at the centre of worship. A fair remembering Raja Bahadur Singh (who constructed the temple) is also held on the first of Savan every year. This fair is known as the Bahadur Singh Re Jatar.
Hadimba goddess has been humanized by the people and made their own. On
the first of ‘Jaith’, or 14th of May, another Mela is held to celebrate
birthday of the goddess Hadimba. This Mela is held in the Dhungri
forest. It lasts for three days. Thousands of men, women and children
participate in the Mela. Rice-bear (Lungri) flows among both men and
women who make themselves merry in music and dance.

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